Bomboniera Q & A


Below are frequently asked questions and answers.

Are there different types of favours?

Yes, Wedding Favours or Bomboniere traditionally contains five sugar almonds to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Five being a number which cannot be divided.

Used as part of the place setting or distributed to guests by the Bridesmaids they continue the colours and style of your wedding and thank guests for sharing the joy of your day.

Some favours have personalized ribbons with the names and date of the wedding.

Birth and Christening Favours

The arrival or christening of a new baby requires a Bomboniere, a unique favour!

Do-It-Myself or get help?

While favours aren’t mandatory, “traditional wedding favours” are a fun way to send your guests home with special memories of your wedding day.

favoursConfronted by a guest list of over 50, the task of preparing the favours may seem daunting. As a result, we are dedicated to the ordering, wrapping and personalizing of all types of favours.


How do I choose a favour?

There are so many different types of favours on the market. Think about your wedding theme. The colors you are using in your decoration can be extended to your favour color. For example, if you are having a wedding near the seaside, you may wish to use seashells as your favour.

Whatever your choice, the idea of giving out favours is a good one, and is one you should enjoy. What a wonderful way to let your guests know you appreciate their presence at your wedding.

Favours to Avoid

There are the favours that are popular with brides and grooms, but much less popular with guests. If any of the items below are on your “must have” list, you may want to reconsider.

Origami cranes
Folding one thousand cranes for good luck started as a charming Japanese custom, and it still makes sense for couples in which one partner is of Japanese ancestry. But the crane trend spread… and spread… and spread… until it seems like every third bride is spending her evenings frantically folding cranes. The origami crane that avoids an early flight into a wastebasket is likely to spend its life nesting in the back of a drawer. If you must do origami, be innovative! Surprise us with frogs, or light houses, or some shape that supports your wedding theme.

Although computers have made it easier for couples to mass-produce scrolls bearing their favourite poem or a generic message of thanks, no technology has yet made it easier for guests to find something to do with these scrolls after the wedding. Few of us feel moved to frame someone else’s favourite saying from The Prophet, so into the back of a drawer it goes!

Engraved wine glasses
If my husband and I had held onto all of our one-off engraved wine glasses from speech tournaments, office holiday parties, and other people’s weddings, we might have a rather mismatched set by this point. But it was much simpler to just buy a set at Target. While most people will use a mug that doesn’t match the rest of their dishes, when do you use a single wine glass? And a wine glass with someone else’s wedding date on it…

Anything with engagement photos
Your mom, your sister, and your best friend from kindergarten may want a refrigerator magnet showing your engagement photo. Your new spouse’s boss’s husband, on the other hand, will probably make fun of your egotism in handing out pictures of yourself. While your friends may be delighted to receive a wallet-sized version of one of your wedding photos for their album, they don’t necessarily thrill at seeing your smiling face every time they go to pour a glass of milk.

Generic pre-printed thank-yous
It doesn’t matter that it’s a thank-you for attending rather than a thank-you for a wedding gift… generic, non-personalized thank-you messages are still considered to be in poor taste. Thank people for coming when you see them in the receiving line (or while “doing the tables”) and during the toasts. Write enthusiastic thank-you notes for the gifts. But skip the mass-produced one-size-fits-all messages in favour of classic favours, inexpensive candies, or no favours at all.

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