La Bomboniera

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Wedding Traditions

Anyone planning a wedding should take into account the many marital traditions. Simple observance of some traditions promises the marriage love, happiness and good fortune! Our research is nowhere near complete, but it will give you a guide! Bridal Flowers In olden times, strong smelling herbs and spices would keep away evil spirits, bad luck […]


Bomboniera Q & A

Below are frequently asked questions and answers. Are there different types of favours? Yes, Wedding Favours or Bomboniere traditionally contains five sugar almonds to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Five being a number which cannot be divided. Used as part of the place setting or distributed to guests by the Bridesmaids they […]


Wedding Flowers

The FloraQueen Online Flower Shop offers a convenient way to send flowers worldwide since 2002. We work with local florists in more than 100 Countries and we pride our selves of a high class flower deliver service and a very user friendly Web Site. Our motto is to give our end clients the best value […]